AAA Constitution & Management Agreement

Battlefords' Midget AAA Stars Constitution and Bylaws


Article 1: Name and Jurisdictions


1.01          The name of the team shall be known as Battlefords Midget AAA Stars (referred to as the (AAA Stars÷).

1.02          The team shall operate under the jurisdiction of the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association (BMHA) with its own Board of Directors and shall abide by all theregulations, bylaws, and rules of  the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League (SMAAAHL), the Saskatchewan Hockey Association (SHA)Hockey Canada (HC) and the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association (BMHA).


Article 2: Aims and Objectives


2.01     Topromote fair play and sportsmanship, and to develop the technicalhockey skills of team members through the provision of a safe andcompetitive environment. A desire to win fairly, is the primary aim.

2.02     Tofoster, promote and encourage self-esteem, friendship, team attitude,self-discipline and respect for oneself and others, with an emphasis oneducation, good character and citizenship. Through teamwork we striveto be the best we can.

2.03     Tosponsor and promote such athletic, social and other activities, whichwill contribute to the overall aims and objectives, and financialvitality of the team.

2.04     Topromote and encourage team members to attain their goals forcompetitive hockey within the Saskatchewan Minor AAA Hockey League.

2.05     Topromote and foster good relations with the community of the Battlefordswhich it represents, and with the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association,under which jurisdiction it operates.


Article 3: Membership


3.01     The team is comprised of players selected by the coaching staff following rules as outlined by the SMAAAHL and SHA.

3.02     The registration fee of a player registered with the AAA Stars  shall include BMHA membership fees of parents and/or guardians.

3.03     Anyadult living within the Battlefords Minor Hockey centre, as defined bySHA regulations and SMAAAHL regulations, and who pays the prescribedmembership fee to BMHA, established annually, may participate fully inthe affairs of the AAA Stars organization.

3.04     Membership will be for the current hockey season only.

Article 4: Officers

A. Nominations

4.01     Anominating committee of three members, at least one of whom shall bethe immediate Past Chairperson, shall be appointed by the Board ofDirectors. This Committee shall make every effort to present five namesto the Annual General Meeting (AGM), for the elected position ofChairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and two Directors at Large, listed inArticle 4, Section B with the exception of the parent Directors andBMHA Directors.

4.02     Atthe AGM, any member in good standing may nominate another member ormembers to fill each of the positions, except for the parent and BMHApositions.


B. Elections

4.03     The AAA Board of Directors shall have a minimum of 9 members, two of which will be from the BMHA Executive, and two will be parents of team members.

4.04     Directorspositions will be for 2 year terms, the Chairperson and Treasurer andone Director at Large to be elected in even years and the Secretary andone Director at Large elected in odd years, to maintain some degree ofcontinuity and experience. The parent positions will be for 1 yearterms.

a.       Chairperson (2 year term)

b.      Secretary (2year term)

c.       Treasurer (2 year term)

d.      Directors at Large (2 year terms)

e.       2 BMHA Representatives

f.        2 team parent board members (1year terms)

4.05     The election of Board members whose term has expired shall take place at the spring meeting (AGM) in May.

4.06     Theparent Directors will be elected by the team parents at the fallpre-season meeting. The BMHA Directors will be selected by the BMHABoard of Directors as soon as possible after the BMHA AGM in the spring.

4.07     Ifany of the seven elected members is unable to fulfill his term ofoffice, the AAA Stars Board of Directors shall appoint someone to fillthe position until the next election.

4.08     Ifthere are no nominations in any of the seven elected positions, theBoard of Directors shall appoint someone to fill the position orpositions.


Article 5: Duties and Powers of the AAA Board of Directors


5.01     Todirect the AAA Stars hockey club in accordance with the AAA StarConstitution and the Management Agreement between the AAA Stars and theBMHA.

5.02     Approvethe annual budget at the Fall regular meeting, and conduct the businessof the AAA Stars in its entirety, authorize all expenditures and havecontrol of all personnel associated with the AAA Stars.

5.03     Appoint an independent auditor to examine the team's financial books each year.

5.03     Toensure all personnel of the AAA Stars exercise fair play andsportsmanship, and take any action deemed necessary to promote the aimsand objectives of the team.

5.04     To advertise, interview and select the AAA Stars Head Coach and Manager on the basis of its approved screening process (see appendix A). The Head Coach and Manager positions may not be combined.

5.05     To establish committees as required, to facilitate the operation of the team, e.g. billets, advertising, etc. (see Appendix B).

5.06     Todiscuss all actions including suspensions, etc. regarding coaches,managers, other team officials or players, and take whatever action isdeemed necessary for the betterment of the AAA Stars organization.

5.07     ADirector ceases to hold office when he/she gives written notice ofresignation to the AAA Stars Board of Directors, or is deemed to haveacted in bad faith or acted in an unfair or dishonorable manner withrespect to AAA Stars, or misses 3 consecutive regular Board meetingswithout just cause.

5.08     Asper BMHA Bylaw Eight (J.4), (The Midget AAA Board of Directors will beincluded as members of BMHA. They will be listed on BMHA's SHA(Association) Registration document, designated as AAA Board membersand categorized as other executive.÷

5.09     Appointfrom the Board of Directors a Governor and an alternate Governor whowill represent the AAA Stars at all meetings of the SMAAAHL as required.


Article 6: Conflict of Interest


6.01     Aconflict of interest is any situation in which the AAA Stars Board ofDirectors or a AAA Stars employee attempts to promote a private orpersonal interest, either for herself/himself or some other person(s)which results or appears to result in:

a.       interference with the objective exercise of his/her responsibilities with the Board or the team

b.      gaining an advantage by virtue of his/her position on the AAA Stars Board of Directors or the team

6.02     Dueto the nature of a volunteer's or an employee's responsibilities, itmay be necessary in some cases, to restrict the activities of theindividuals serving as volunteers or employees to ensure a conflict ofinterest does not or does not appear to exist.

a.       Members of the Board of Directors shall not be allowed to serve as team employees.

6.03     Ifan employee or volunteer perceives that a conflict of interest exists,or has the potential to develop he/she must inform the Chairperson ofthe AAA Board, who in consultation with the President of BMHA willdecide if a conflict of interest situation actually exists.

6.04     AnyAAA Stars employees or Board of Directors must immediately removethemselves from any discussions, voting or decision making where thesubject impacts on the AAA Stars private or commercial interests untilthe Chairperson of the AAA Board of Directors and the BMHA Presidenthave ruled on the matter.


Article 7: Executive


A. Membership

7.01     The executive of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.


B. Duties

7.02     The Chairperson

a.       To call and preside at all Board of Directors' meetings, Executive meetings and any Special meetings as required.

b.      To prepare and present an agenda for each meeting for the secretary to circulate prior to the meeting date.

c.       Mayrepresent any or all of the AAA Stars Board of Directors on anyoccasion subject to the provision that he/she is responsible to theBoard for his/her actions.

d.      To ensure that all reporting to the SHA, the SMAAAHL and the BMHA has been completed as required.

e.       Be familiar with all the programs, policies, bylaws and agreements of the team and provide interpretation of same as required.

f.        Shall appoint members to committees (if required), who shall be responsible for their operation.

g.       Be responsible for the supervision of the activities of the Coach and Manager.

7.03     The Secretary (Vice-Chairperson)

a.       Torecord minutes of all meetings held by the AAA Stars Board of Directorsor the Executive, and keep all records and reports of the AAA Stars inan orderly fashion and forward approved copies of meeting minutes to BMHA.

b.      Inthe absence or illness of the Chairperson, or at the request of theChairperson, have all the powers and perform all the duties of theChairperson.

c.       Tosend notice to all members of the Board of all meetings accompanied byan agenda, when directed by the Chairperson, and to provide in advanceof the meeting to all members, copies of the minutes of the lastmeeting.

d.      Tosubmit a copy of the Management Agreement between the AAA Stars and theBMHA, signed by the AAA Stars Chairperson to the President of the BMHA.

e.       Act as correspondent for all AAA Stars Board of Directors business.

f.        Be responsible for all promotions associated with AAA Stars, unless designated otherwise.

g.       Keep records of all changes to the AAA Stars Constitution and Bylaws.

h.       Advertisethe date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting in a localnewspaper for 2 consecutive weeks prior to the meeting.

7.04     The Treasurer

a.       Closely monitor the financial affairs of the AAA Stars hockey club.

b.      Preparewith the assistance of the Chairperson and Secretary and any otherappropriate persons a yearly budget prior to the preseason meeting inthe fall.

c.       Working with the team Manager, collect, or arrange for the collection of all fees and dues.

d.      Record and deposit all AAA Stars revenues.

e.       Keep accurate accounts of all AAA Stars expenditures.

f.        Prepareand deliver a financial report for each regular meeting of the AAAStars Board of Directors and a final report to the AGM. The financialreports will provide comparative information for the previous year andfor the current budget. The financial reports must also be sent to the BMHA for their approval.

g.       Ensure the AAA Stars account books are audited annually, according to the instructions from the Board of Directors.


Article 8: Meetings


8.01     The Chairman shall call a minimum of 6 meetings in a fiscal year including:

a.       Fall meeting for Budget Approval (prior to fall camp)

b.      First season meeting (approx. Oct 15)

c.       Second season meeting (approx Dec 15)

d.      Third season meeting (approx Jan 15)

e.       Fourth season meeting (approx Mar 15)

f.        AGM & post season evaluation (approx May 15)

8.02     At all meetings of the AAA Board of Directors, a quorum shall consist of a simple majority of all members of the Board.

8.03     Eachmember of the Board of Directors shall be entitled to one vote. TheChairperson shall not vote except to cast a deciding vote. There shallbe proxy votes.

8.04     Minutesshall be kept of all meetings and shall be approved at the nextmeeting. All approved minutes will be forwarded to the BMHA for theirrecords.

8.05     TheMay meeting (AGM) will be open to the public and any other interestedparties. The AAA Stars Secretary will advertise the AGM meeting date,time and location in the local papers for two consecutive weeks priorto the AGM. Only current members of the BMHA will be entitled to vote.


Article 9: Financial


9.01     The fiscal year shall be from June 1 to May 31.

9.02     The Chairperson and one of either the Treasurer or Manager shall have signing authority on all AAA Stars accounts.

9.03     Copies of the approved budget and all financial reports will be sent to the BMHA for their records and approval.

9.04     The AAA Stars hockey club may not borrow money without the approval of the AAA Board of Directors and BMHA.

9.05     Honorariums will be set by the AAA Stars Board of Directors as required, and must be approved by BMHA.


Article 10: The Head Coach

10.01   TheAAA Stars Board of Directors may advertise, interview and select theirHead Coach. The head coach shall choose his Assistant Coaches (s) andtraining staff with approval of the AAA Stars Board of Directors.

10.02   The Head Coach must be available to report upon request at any meeting of the AAA Stars Board of Directors.

10.03   The Head Coach with assistance from the Assistant Coach(es) will select his/her team of players as he/she sees fit.

10.04   The positions of Head Coach and Manager may not be combined.

10.05   The Head Coach will conduct his duties and responsibilities in accordance with his job description listed in Appendix C.


Article 11: The Manager

11.01   TheManager is responsible for the day to day financial affairs of theteam, ensuring that all receipts of expenditures get passed on to theTreasurer for entry into the accounting records.

11.02   The Manager will work closely with the Treasurer during the collection of fees from players/parents and game day receipts.

11.03   Ensure all players and AAA Stars officials are properly registered with the SHA.

11.04   TheManager is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all assetsof the team, and will make available such records for the AAA StarsBoard of Directors upon request.

11.05   The Manager must be available to report upon request at any meeting of the AAA Stars Board of Directors.

11.06   The Manager will conduct his duties and responsibilities in accordance with his job description listed in Appendix D.


Article 12: Assets

12.01   Allassets, fixed or otherwise and equipment belongs to the BattlefordsMidget AAA Stars operating under the direction of the AAA Stars Boardof Directors.

12.02   TheAAA Stars hockey club is responsible to regularly purchase and/orrepair equipment as necessary, subject to the approval of the AAA StarsBoard of Directors.

12.03   Allassets, fixed or otherwise may not be disposed of in any manner withoutprior approval from the AAA Stars Board of Directors.

12.04   Inthe event of the liquidation and dissolution of the Battlefords MidgetAAA Stars hockey team, all remaining property/assets shall bedistributed to the BMHA.


Article 13: Camps

13.01      TheAAA Stars hockey team may hold a spring evaluation camp and a falltryout camp subject to the approval of the AAA Stars Board of Directors.


Article 14: Abuse, Harassment and Hazing

14.01    Abuse,harassment or hazing (any forms of initiation) are prohibited. Anyperson engaging in such activities will be subject to disciplinaryaction by the AAA Stars Board of Directors.


Article 15: Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws

15.01   Amendmentsto this document must be made at the AAA Stars AGM. Prior notice ofmotion must be filed at least 2 weeks before the AGM with the AAA StarsSecretary.

15.02   At the AGM, a 2/3 majority of members present will be required to carry the amendment. Amendments must be ratified by 2/3 of the members of BMHA Board of Directors at their next regular Board Meeting.


Management Agreement

Between the

Battlefords Minor Hockey Association

and the

Battlefords Midget AAA Stars Hockey Club


The Battlefords Midget AAA Stars (AAA Stars) operate under the jurisdiction of the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association (BMHA).This working document will continuously define their relationshipbeginning with the 2008 -2009 hockey season and be subject to review ateach year end.


1. Administration

a.         The team shall operate under the jurisdiction of the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association (BMHA) with its own Board of Directors and shall abide by all theregulations, bylaws, and rules of  the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League (SMAAAHL), the Saskatchewan Hockey Association (SHA), Hockey Canada (HC) and the Battlefords Minor Hockey Association (BMHA).

b.         TheBMHA will appoint 2 members from its own Executive to sit as votingmembers on the AAA Stars Board of Directors. The selection will takeplace as soon as possible after BMHA's AGM in April. The BMHA membersof the AAA Board of Directors will act as a liaison between the twoorganizations.

c.         All AAA Stars Board of Directors' approved meeting minutes will be forwarded to the BMHA Board of Directors for their records.

d.         Any violation of this Management Agreement, or in fact the AAA Stars Constitution and Bylaws or regulations of the SMAAAHL, SHA, HC andBMHA by any members of the AAA Stars organization shall render suchmember liable to disciplinary action and/or suspension by the AAA StarsBoard of Directors or BMHA.

e.         All appeals regarding AAA Stars Board of Directors rulings will be directed to the BMHA, as the jurisdictional governing body.


2. Finance

a.         The AAA Stars Board of Directors must submit the following financial reports to the BMHA Board of Directors for approval:

+        The proposed annual budget approved by the AAA Stars Board of Directors prior to regular season play.

+        Thesix regular financial reports tabled at the AAA Stars Board ofDirectors meetings including the AGM, as soon as possible after themeetings.

+        An audited financial report within 90 days of fiscal year end May 31.

+        A list of all assets of the AAA Stars, updated annually by August 31.

b.         Membersof the AAA Stars Board of Directors shall be included in theindemnification of Directors, etc. under BMHA's Constitution andBylaws, Article 6 (E.1) subject to the proviso as indicated in Article6 (E.1), that (1) he/she acted honestly and in good faith with a viewto the best interests of the Corporation; and (2) in the case of acriminal or administrative action or proceeding that is enforced by amonetary penalty, he/she had reasonable grounds for believing thathis/her conduct was lawful.

c.         The BMHA is not responsible or liable for any financial obligations or debts incurred by the AAA Stars organization.

d.         The BMHA will administer the Bertha Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund for the AAA Stars hockey team.

e.         Inthe event the BMHA registers extra teams in order to accommodateincreased numbers of players for the AAA Stars, the AAA Stars will beresponsible for any costs incurred by BMHA.

f.          Inthe event of the dissolution of the AAA Stars organization, allremaining assets after debts have been paid shall be turned over to theBMHA.


3. Operations

a.         BMHArecognizes the AAA Stars must be competitive and therefore when local players are capable of playing at this higher competitive level, theAAA Stars coaching staff must make every effort to encourage them to remain in the Battlefords, try out for the team, and give them equalopportunity to play with their local club.

b.         Thereshall be ongoing communication between the AAA Stars coaching staff and the BMHA Midget Tier 1 coaching staff before, during and after bothteams' training camps whenever BMHA players are involved.

c.         The AAA Stars Head Coach has to make every effort to finalize his roster one week prior to the BMHA AA Tier 1 tryout camps.

d.         TheBMHA agrees each year to provide up to three team spots for players tobe affiliated up to the AAA Stars. These spots will be used for midgetplayers eligible to play in BMHA. The BMHA may have to register extrateams to be able to provide the spots.

e.         The AAA Stars will affiliate players as per SHA regulations.

f.          TheAAA Stars may affiliate up to 5 Bantam Tier 1 players; however, if theydo not plan to use Bantam players they should not be affiliated becauseit deprives the BMHA Midget teams the opportunity to affiliate them.

g.         Playersmust be notified of the intent to affiliate them. Also the players'parents and the players' coach must be notified of the intent of theAAA Stars to affiliate them as per SHA regulations.

h.         Ifthe AAA Stars Head Coach requires an affiliate player, then he/she mustfirst secure the approval of the affiliate player's Head Coach. Shouldthe Coach refuse the request, then the player will not be invited tothe game in question, but an appeal related to future affiliations maybe made to the BMHA Board of Directors.


ThisManagement Agreement will be continuously in effect between the BMHAand the AAA Stars beginning with the 2008 - 2009 season and will besubject to annual review. Any changes to this agreement must beapproved by 2/3 of the members of the BMHA Board of Directors.


Dated on ______________    AAA Stars Chairperson ____________________________


Dated on ______________    BMHA President __________________________________

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